VINC & Red Light Street

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VINC & Red Light Street

Turn on the lights because here we are! We are a young, energetic and innovative blues-rock band that is ready to rock your events and festivals with an unforgettable sound. With our freshly released first rock album, we are ready to hit you with our music and energy. Introducing the unforgettable trio that make up our heart and soul:


Petr Vincent Havlíček


A guitar player and singer who, with his passion and charisma, can transfer all emotions directly into music.



A fearless tactic behind the drums that gives our music energy and dynamism.



Our rhythm magician, who with a solid foundation ensures that our compositions will have an unforgettable groove.

We have a debut album out!

We play rock with a passion and intensity that will get you out of your chair.
Our lyrics are honest and touch the heart. Whether you enjoy the melody or immerse yourself in the words, our songs will take you on an unforgettable journey. Listen to our polished album on Spotify, YouTube Music, iTunes, Apple Music, etc.


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Live performances

We are hungry for live performances and are looking for new opportunities in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Do you want us at your event? Let us know! We are ready to hit you with fun.

Give us a chance to show you what we can do. We are “VINC & Red Light Street”
and we are here to lift you off your chair and transport you into the world of our music.

tel: +420 724 151 607



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You can find our album right here. But also on other networks such as: iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube Music and many others.